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Hauraki Plains Health Centre reminds you that as part of good practice we need 2 working days notice to supply a repeat prescription. A repeat prescription costs $22.00. Urgent same day prescriptions will be charged an extra service fee of $10. Please call us a few days before your medication runs out so you can avoid the extra cost.


Hauraki Plains Health Centre is committed to facilitating a fair, simple and efficient resolution of complaints in accordance with The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights 1996 and to use complaints as an opportunity for improvement. Dr Anthony Smit is our complaints officer and is responsible for managing all complaints that the practice receives privacy or otherwise.

Fees and Payment

All accounts must be settled on the day. Patients who are not enrolled with the practice will be required to pay their account before their consult.

Opening Hours

Hauraki Plains Health Centre is open from 08:45 hours until 5pm. However there are no nurse appointments until 8:45.  On Tuesdays the Practice is closed until 9am for in-house training.

Dr Anthony Smit

Dr Hilda Malibin

Dr Willie Stirling

Contact information

Phone 07 8677521 between 8:30am-5:00pm. Or make an appointment via the patient portal. If you need a same day appointment phone us on 07 8677521. You cannot make a same day appointment via the patient portal.

After hours phone 078677521

News Letter Number 8 2019

The Flu Vaccine is Available and is Strongly Encouraged by Our Clinical Team

Call Hauraki Plains Health Centre 07 8677521 or book an appointment with a nurse via the patient portal. Remember you need to stay at the medical centre for 20 minutes after your vaccination.


We are proud to announce that Hauraki Plains Health Centre has met the high standards set by The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and is a Cornerstone accredited practice. This ensures you, the patient, receive high quality care in the services we offer and the facilities we provide. The Hauraki Plains health Centre team is committed to continuous improvement.
What can you expect from a Cornerstone accredited practice?
• Improved patient care
• Respect for the rights and needs of patients
• Efficient practice systems
• An improved practice environment
• Increased teamwork
• Aiming for excellence
Who assesses us?
Independent Cornerstone assessors visit practices, assessors are experienced general practitioners, practice managers or practice nurses.

News and events

 If you think you have measles please phone the medical centre first. Phone 07 8677521

 National MMR vaccination advice (except the Auckland region)

The Ministry of Health has modified the standard MMR vaccination catch-up advice.

Infants aged 6–11 months 

  • Can have their first MMR vaccination (MMR0): 
    • If they are travelling overseas to a country with a measles outbreak, as advised by the Ministry of Health/Immunisation Schedule, or
    • If parents have concerns about their infant’s potential exposure to measles, on the advice of their GP.
  • The 15 month and 4 year MMR vaccinations remain due to be administered at the relevant ages as per the Immunisation Schedule.

Infants aged 12–14 months who are travelling to Auckland ​or overseas to a country with a measles outbreak

  • Should receive all four 15 month vaccinations (MMR, varicella, Hib and PCV10) at least two weeks before travelling to allow their immunity against measles to develop.

Infants aged 12–14 months who are not travelling to Auckland or overseas a country with a measles outbreak

  • Recommended to receive their MMR vaccination at 15 months of age as per the Immunisation Schedule.

Children aged between 15 months and 4 years

  • Recommended to receive their MMR vaccinations at 15 months and 4 years as per the Immunisation Schedule.

Children aged 5 years or older, teenagers and adults aged under 50 years (i.e. born in 1969 or later)
who do not have two documented doses of MMR vaccine

  • Recommended to receive catch-up MMR vaccination. 
  • When two catch-up doses of MMR vaccine are required, the second MMR vaccination can be given a minimum of 4 weeks after the first MMR dose.

Adults aged 50 years or older (born in New Zealand before 1969)

  • Not recommended to receive MMR vaccination. They are considered to be immune to measles as there was no measles containing vaccine until 1969 and the disease is so highly infectious.
  • Adults born overseas prior to 1969 may have received a measles-containing vaccination. If you are unsure whether an individual is likely to be susceptible to measles, please call us on 0800 IMMUNE (0800 466 863).